Airmid Ambassador Program

The Airmid Ambassador program is designed to bring together plant protectors of threatened and near-threatened essential oil- and carrier oil-bearing plants from around the world. Because these plants exist in numerous countries, and essential and carrier oils are being utilized worldwide, it is imperative that we have well-connected advocates working on the ground to help preserve the plants and to promote their use among Indigenous communities.

The Airmid Ambassadors program plays a key role in advancing the Airmid Institute’s mission. Ambassadors are required to work closely with Dr. Kelly Ablard and the Airmid Institute’s Directors for a two-year term. They are encouraged to support the Institute through social networking, sharing educational material produced by the Airmid Institute, recruiting Airmid Institute members, and helping to facilitate collaborative projects. There is no required time commitment for Ambassador work; all we ask is for your support and promotion when it naturally aligns with your personal and professional work. Ambassadors also will be invited to attend an annual online get together to share their stories.

Ambassadors will be in alignment with the Institute’s mission. Facts will be agreed upon collectively, and public information made available on that basis. Airmid Ambassadors are provided with brochures, educational materials and assistance, as required.

Ambassadors will already be working with essential oil- and/or carrier oil-bearing plants or their extracts.  They will also be typically working within fields such as sustainability, conservation, aromatherapy, harvesting, cultivation, herbalism, species protection policy, botany, ecology, cosmetics, natural perfumery, academia, plant medicine, allopathic medicine, distillation, and ethnobotany.

There are benefits to becoming an Airmid Ambassador beyond helping to protect these plants. Ambassadors pay no fees, are promoted through Airmid social networking channels, and are featured as an Ambassador on the Airmid Institute’s website. Ambassadors will have the option to include her/his short bio and headshot.

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Become an Airmid Ambassador

To apply to become an Airmid Ambassador, please email us at  Those wishing to join us are asked to complete an application form and to meet for an interview.