Degrees & Certifications

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Biology, Simon Fraser University, Canada, 2013

Registered and Certified Aromatherapist, West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy, Canada, 2009

Masters of Science (MSc) Primate Conservation, Oxford Brookes University, UK, 2006

Bachelor of Science (BSc) [Hons] Zoology, California State Polytechnic University Pomona, USA, 2004

Specialized Courses & workshops

CO2 Extracts in (Clinical) Aromatherapy – Madeleine Kerkhof (2018) Wernhout, Netherlands

Medicinal Plants of California – William Broen (2016) Claremont, CA, USA

New Frontiers in Aromatic Therapies – Mark Webb B.Sc, MASCC, MIAAMA (2016) AIA Teleseminar

Indigenous Plant Medicine Teachings – Lori Snyder (2016) Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Professional Practice: The role of aromatherapy and complementary medicine in 2016 (2016) Tsawwassen, BC, Canada

Identification and Uses of Woodland Plants – Sarah Orlowski (2015) Courtenay, BC, Canada

Medicinal Trees – Chanchel Cabrera (2015) Courtenay, BC, Canada

Identification, Harvesting, and Use of Local Herbs – Don Ollsin (2015) Courtenay, BC, Canada

Making Natural Body Care Products – Betty Norton (2015) Courtenay, BC, Canada

Plant Spirit Medicine – Monika Ghent (2015) Courtenay, BC, Canada

The Sacred Use of Fragrance – John Steele (2015) Sidney, BC, Canada

The Art of Herbal Tonic Elixirs – Yarrow Willard (2015) Vancouver, BC, Canada

Aromatherapy Products: Packaging and Labeling – Jade Shutes (2015)  NAHA Webinar

First Aid for Dogs Using Essential Oils – Lia Whitmore (2014) NAHA online

The Art of Distillation with Ann Harman (2013) Sidney, BC, Canada

From Harvest to Hydrosol Course – Ann Harman (2013) Fruitland, WA, USA

The Use of Essential Oils in the Cancer Care and Palliative Environments with Rhiannon Harris (2012) Tsawwassen, BC, Canada

Introduction to Spiritual Phytoessencing – Dr. Bruce Berkowsky (2012) [Webinar]

Aromatherapy with Robert Tisserand (2011) Sidney, BC, Canada

Thalassotherapy and Essential Oils – Diane Bernard (2010) Sidney, BC, Canada

Aromatherapy and Great Skin – Jennifer Jefferies (2010) Tsawwassen, BC, Canada

Plant Morphology – Dr. Gilbert Brum (2004) California State Polytechnic University Pomona, USA

Plant Structures and Functions – Dr. Gilbert Brum (2004) California State Polytechnic University Pomona, USA