• Airmid Institute and Laboratoire PhytoChemia are collaborating on research of rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora) essential oil. To learn more and participate, please click here.
  • Airmid Institute’s Junior Ambassador Pilot School Program has been approved and will launch later this year in North East England! Stay tuned for exciting details!
  • Airmid Institute is thrilled to have received support from IDEA WILD in the form of needed equipment for the Toucan Project! Thank you, IDEA WILD!
  • Join Airmid Institute on August 18th for Dr. Kelly’s webinar Buying oils and herbs as if the future matters: threats on the horizon for aromatic plants. Read more about it here! Non-members can also gain access to the webinar; learn more here.
  • Airmid’s quarterly Green Telegram no. 4 will be released this September. This issue will include an interview with Mandy Aftel, an article written by The Netherlands Airmid Ambassador Jonathan Benavides on Near Threatened Japanese cedar Cryptomeria japonica, and a few other surprises! Become a member of  Airmid today to receive Green Telegram and other plant-protector perks.  
  • To automatically receive the July 1 2021 – December 31, 2021 Airmid Institute Biannual List of Threatened, Near Threatened, and CITES-Protected Plants, Mammals, Fungi, and Seaweed Species Used in Aromatherapy, Perfumery, and Aromatic Herbalism, please click  here.
  • The Airmid Institute was accepted into the ESRI Nonprofit Organization Program!The team is looking forward to implementing GIS tools to help protect threatened essential oil-bearing plants.
  • Educational materials on aromatherapy and conservation have been translated into Shipibo for integration into school curriculum in central Peru.
  • Our collaborative efforts have paid off! Enfleurage will no longer be selling rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora) oil, or using it in any of their blends. Their source was unable to provide authentic documents (i.e. CITES permit) ensuring ethical sourcing and legal trade of the oil.  Thank you, Enfleurage for demonstrating your commitment to ethically-sourced oils and helping to protect endangered essential oil-bearing plants. Read more here


  • Kelly will return to Peru in 2021 if it is safe to do so to continue her work on the endangered essential oil-bearing tree (Aniba rosaeodora).
  • Laboratoire PhytoChemia and Dr. Kelly Ablard will be collaborating on a research project to explore adulteration of rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora) essential oil (read more here). If you have rosewood essential oil, and would like to participate, please contact Dr. Ablard at

Dr. Kelly

Kelly M. Ablard is a writer, instructor, independent researcher, certified aromatherapist, and she holds a Doctorate in Biology.  Her work has taken her worldwide where she has learned about medicinal uses of plants and the vital role that chemical communication plays in the natural world. She was the first to create an educational program on urban sustainable agriculture in downtown Vancouver, B.C., and is the founder of the VCC Urban Apothecary Learning Garden, a community-built garden of 50+ aromatic medicinal plants designed to support education about aromatherapy, the chemistry of aromatic medicinal plants, and for learning about the many uses of traditional medicine. Read more about Kelly here.