“Airmid’s team of Directors, Ambassadors and Research Associates, are not only dedicated to protecting biodiversity and the environment, but also to implementing sustainable practices within their businesses”

– Dr. Kelly Ablard

Cistus (Cistus ladanifer) Unforgettable presence and deep healer from Portuguese wilderness. ©Marju Kivi 2022

Naturalness Essential Oil Distillery


“The world is full of aromas like wild fields in the spring. One sweet aroma delicately changed our lives as Marco and I became aromatic distillers. How could we create products with beautiful aromatic plants, if they would not be growing? Working respectfully with natural resources allows us to share this experience. Airmid Institute is building a bridge to sustainable behavior around the globe!”

Cura Co Lab


“Working in a product driven industry I feel it is my duty to be aware of the impact of my business and our clients. It’s through collaboration & education that we can positively impact the future of the planet & plants we love. This is not a marketing message, it’s a way of life. Conservation consciousness is one way I can show my deepest gratitude to the Earth and all lifeforms.”

Lori Synder / Earth and Company


“I am grateful to be an educator who shares the teachings with children of all ages the importance of responsibility that we have. As the 2 leggeds, we protect all the winged, creepy crawlers, the ones that fly, the ones that swim, the rooted nation and the mineral nation. We are all related and we weave ourselves into relationship to our living world, respect our Mother and practice reciprocity…

FairSource Botanicals


“Working with medicinal and aromatic plants, especially those under threat, is an amazing privilege that we don’t take lightly. As a business, we know that plants are our partners, and we can only thrive as long as they do; as human members of the global ecosystem, we know…

Savia Íbera


“Savia Íbera is the result of the materialisation of a “seed-dream” that began in 2012, driven by its two members, Sílvia and Kurt, and which was born as a result of the desire to live and work in a more sustainable way. The main goal of this project is to integrate conservation…

Maison Aromaterii


As an aromatherapist, I lead workshops to introduce aromatherapy and also DIY cosmetics to the general public. When I mention about a plant, I often talk about how it grows in nature, whether it is abundant or not, whether it is local or grows on the other side of the world…

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