These businesses have committed to supporting Airmid Institute’s mission through their business memberships, and they have committed to take part in advancing sustainable management practices and ethical sourcing.

Apothecary’s Garden


Dan Riegler is the author of Apothecary’s Garden Blog, and owner of the Apothecary’s Garden shop where he sources sustainable aromatics and produces perfume, incense, cosmetic and therapeutic products and ingredients for artisans around the world. With a focus on the welfare of the plants….

CandaScent Labs


“At CandaScent Labs, we formulate our aromas with organic and sustainably sourced essential oils, believing that no synthetic ingredient can replicate the olfactory intricacy that only nature can offer. By investing in our supply chain we support the change needed for a more…

F.A.L.K. Aromatherapy


“As an educational institution dedicated to teaching people how to harness their sense of smell with the support of nature and aromatic botanicals, F.A.L.K. Aromatherapy is committed to connecting its students more deeply with nature, and with its aromatic medicinal plants. And we …

Florian’s aromaterapia


Formed by psycologist María C. Ruiz and, her daughter, biologist Katya Rusi, Florian’s aromaterapia is an artisan- family company based in Spain. The goals of Florian’s are to offer sustainable and natural essential oils and other aromatic products as well as natural cosmetics for therapeutic purposes.

International Journal of Professional Holistic Aromatherapy


As a passionate advocate for environmental conservation, IJPHA editor/publisher Lora Cantele is deeply committed to the sustainability of medicinal and aromatic plants…


The Netherlands

“Kicozo is passionate about offering nature’s healing gifts to patients for their wellbeing and safety, yet in balance with and deepest respect for our Mother Earth.”



“As manufacturers of natural products, we heavily rely on the plants and oils they produce, and we are beyond grateful to these amazing plants. Not only do we strive to protect and replenish what supports us currently, but also for future generations. Our success as a conscientious…

Flora Botanical Incense


Flora’s mission is to bring the simple pleasure of plant-based aromatic incense to the casual incense user in a transparent, sustainable and ethical way.

NYC Aromatica


Aromatic plants and their essential oils are incredible. As an aromatherapy practitioner and educator, Amy Anthony, the founder of NYC Aromatica, recognizes impact the global essential oil and overall aromatic and herbal trade has on Earth.

RBK Aromatherapy, LLC.


Robin B. Kessler, CA,MIFPA is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist specializing in using Aromatherapy in Hospice as well as working with Pain Management Health Practitioners. She is also a specialist in frankincense resins and works with many distillers all over the world…

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