Protecting medicinal and aromatic plants – and their use in traditional medicine – for future generations

Protecting medicinal and aromatic plants – and their use in traditional medicine – for future generations

Our Purpose

Airmid Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the global education, research, and sustainable management of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs). We aim to develop, implement, and support projects and education for all ages focused on traditional ecological knowledge of aromatic plant medicine among healers worldwide, impacts of climate change, ethical sourcing, and forest regeneration. We also help to protect and promote uses of traditional medicine in Indigenous communities.

Airmid Institute launches new membership system and more member resources!

Airmid Institute launches new membership system and more member resources!

Airmid Institute is excited to announce its new password-protected online membership system. This system was developed to provide individual, easy and protected access to membership benefits and resources at every membership level. The many benefits of becoming a member of Airmid Institute, such as its triennial newsletter Green Telegram, live and recorded webinars presented by global speakers, and the Airmid Institute Biannual List are available online and live under one roof. Additional resources include complementary articles and research!

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Latest News

Join Airmid in Crete!

Study Abroad | October 18-20, 2024

Join us for a captivating educational event on the stunning island of Crete, recognized globally for its biodiversity and unique medicinal plants. This gathering features esteemed experts like Kurt Michael Arruda, Silvia Jiménez Català , Anna Papazoglou, Dr. Jacqui Stringer, and Dr. Kelly Ablard, as well as special guests and presenters Jenny Charlton, Mixalis and Theano Flemetakis and Ildiko Berecz.

A Class on Working and Living Sustainably With White Sage

Upcoming Webinar | May 23, 2024

Antonio will teach you how to grow White Sage (Salvia apiana) from seed, including special treatments for increasing germination rates. He will also give you tips for growing White Sage from cuttings, and teach you how to keep White Sage happy in a container (pot) or in your garden.

The Alliance of International Aromatherapists

Airmid Institute welcomes the Alliance of International Aromatherapists as an Association Member

The Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) firmly believes that sustainability is not just a choice, but a responsibility. Recognizing the importance of environmental responsibility, we advocate for ethical sourcing and production practices that prioritize the conservation of plant resources and ultimately the future of aromatherapy. The AIA encourages the use of sustainable farming methods, emphasizing organic cultivation and the protection of biodiversity…

The Toucan Green Skills Initiative

Peruvian Shipibo Adler Pacaya Paredes and Dr. Kelly Ablard were honored to co-present “Preserving medicinal and aromatic plants: an Indigenous perspective” at the NAHA World of Aromatherapy XI Beyond Aromatics V Conference in Salt Lake City, UT. They highlighted the significant challenge humanity faces with the environmental impacts of climate change on essential oil- and carrier oil-bearing plants and emphasized the crucial role of Indigenous peoples and their traditional ecological knowledge in preserving these plants.

Upcoming Webinar: Regenerative Agriculture With a Focus on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

February 21, 2024

Regenerative agriculture (RegenAg) encompasses principles that prioritize soil health, biodiversity, and ecosystem restoration in farming practices. Additionally, in RegenAg these practices must take into account economic viability and community benefits…

Airmid Insitute Welcomes the CAOA as an Association Member

Airmid welcomes Professional Aromatherapy Association, the Canadian Alliance of Aromatherapy (CAOA) as an Association Member! We are honored to be working with this amazing organization whose mission is to establish and maintain high professional standards for aromatherapists by ensuring they participate in continuing education and adhere to ethical practices and sustainability principles related to essential oils…

Helianthus Holistic Arts

Welcome Maria Fiordalisi of Helianthus Holistic Arts!

Airmid is excited to welcome Helianthus Holistic Arts into its Airmid Plant Protector Program! Founded by Maria Fiordalisi, Helianthus Holistic Arts a multi-disciplinary holistic school, focused on aromatherapy education. Maria is committed to educating and promoting the conservation and sustainable management of threatened medicinal and aromatic plants. Her aim is to increase awareness, drive positive change, and inspire others to become responsible stewards of our environment.

Junior Ambassador Summer Update

This summer, Dr. Kelly Ablard was honored to visit Knowsley Junior School in Oldham, UK with Dr. Jacqui Stringer, Airmid Institute’s Ambassador of the UK, and Founder of the Junior Airmid Ambassador Program. Knowsley Junior School was the first school to be part of the Junior Airmid Ambassador Program and entrusted their Eco Squad to run the project and plant the seeds of the fragile medicinal and aromatic plant, Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile). They were extremely successful!

Welcome Julia Falkenstein!

Please join Airmid Institute in welcoming Airmid Institute’s Ambassador of Germany, Julia Falkenstein! Julia will be working with Airmid Institute to identify fragile medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) native to Germany for public dissemination, implement multi-regional educational projects focused on the protection of native MAPs, and to promote sustainable traditional distillation and the use of locally sourced MAPs for aromatherapy.

New Airmid Junior Ambassador Badges

Dr. Kelly Ablard and Dr. Jacqui Stringer will be presenting the first ever Airmid Junior Ambassadors with their badges on June 30th at Knowsley School located in North West England! Children’s educational programs that support opportunities for them to connect to Nature has been a focus of Airmid’s since our inception, and further inspired by 2021 The Dasgupta Review, which places a heavy emphasis on children.

Airmid Junior Ambassador Badge

Welcome Birgit Salling!

Airmid Institute is excited to welcome Birgit Salling as their Chief Administrative Officer! We are fortunate that Birgit is joining us where she will share her love for Nature and medicinal and aromatic plants, and bring to us her vast experience in numerous healing modalities, exceptional administrative skills in office and…

Our Focus

Global Initiatives

Earth and its biodiversity are facing unprecedented challenges which must be met with global initiatives.


Education for all ages is where the change we need to see begins.

Sustainability Principles

Principles help guide conservation efforts which strengthen supply chains and empower consumers.


Knowledge-sharing facilitates and expedites projects aimed to protect Earth and its biodiversity.

Ethical Sourcing

Holding others accountable for their unsustainable practices provides opportunities for improvement and protection.

Featured Projects

Learn about our projects with partners around the world. Airmid Institute actively works to fullfill our mission to expand knowledge and assist with conservation efforts.

The Toucan

Cultivation and reforestation of Endangered Rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora) with Shipibo Peoples in Central Peru

Rosewood Oil

Research with Laboratoire PhytoChemia exploring the prevalence of pure legal and ethically sourced rosewood essential oil.

White Sage and Its Pollinators

White sage, faced with an unprecedented commercial demand, leaves this plant and its pollinators at risk.

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