The Airmid Ambassador program is designed to bring together protectors of threatened medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs), mammals, fungi and seaweed species used in aromatherapy, herbalism, perfumery, and cosmetics from around the world.

Because these species exist in numerous countries, and predominantly essential and carrier oils are being utilized worldwide, it is imperative that we have well-connected advocates working on the ground to help preserve these species and to promote their use among Indigenous communities.

Prashanti Vodanovich


Based in Australia with over 20 years of experience in the wellness and luxury spa/hotel industry as a therapist as well as in a management capacity. Prashanti holds a Diploma of Clinical Aromatherapy & the Aromatic Medicine Skillset, an Australian Government approved qualification with over 1200hrs of recognised study.

Pascale Frennet - Airmid Institute Ambassador of Belgium

Pascale Frennet


Since she was young, Pascale has been responsible for protecting wildlife and at 12, she was already a member of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). She has worked for several years in European protection and environmental rehabilitation programs and government communication. Following a very serious road accident experienced…

Nada Saric

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nada Saric is a distiller, an enfleurage master, and a producer of organic food, herbs and medicinal and aromatic herbs. Besides usual country life and duties of a mother, Nada enjoys her connection to local herbs and medicinal and aromatic plants – so much so, that she considers the study of them her deepest passion…

Slobodanka Poštić


Slobodanka is a nature admirer, teacher, aromatherapy and natural perfumery educator, and author of books and manuals in these fields. Her biggest passion is natural perfumery, which she has been teaching since 2005. As an educator, she enjoys witnessing curiosity, enhthusiasm and creativity of her students, as well…

Raghda Abdelmaksoud


Raghda Abdelmaksoud is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and an expert with 23 years of experience in global business development and supply chain in the medicinal herbs, flavors – fragrance and essential oils industries. In 1997 she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Arts from Cairo University…

Amandine Devilliard


Amandine Devillard has always had a strong connection to Nature thanks to her grandfather, a great Nature lover, with whom she often went on walks. She remembers that when she was 8 years old, she wanted to learn the Encyclopedia of Nature by heart! She has a Master’s degree in Italian, and…

Julia Falkenstein


Julia lives and works as a clinical aromatherapist, alternative practitioner and health consultant in her hometown of Berlin, where she found her love for nature as a child along the forests and banks of the river Havel region. Julia’s focus is therefore on sustainable work with regional…

Anna Papazoglou


Anna is a practicing aromatherapist and lifelong student. She is a student member of ICAN, AIA and IFPA. At the moment she is pursuing her Internationally recognized Professional Certification which will be followed by an Advanced Diploma in Aromatherapy, through EOTCHS. At the same time, she …

Mimi Ryan


As a child, Mimi would spend her days exploring her natural surroundings, taking in the pure energy she felt by the diverse plant species of her northern California home; leaves, barks, mosses, wild flowers and fungi. Nature nurtured her soul and spirit and continues to drive her intrinsic need to explore and…

Eliane Zimmermann


Eliane was born in Santiago de Chile, at which time her German parents worked at and for the German embassy. When she was about three years old they moved to Algeria, and at seven they started a gorgeous life in Curitiba, South of Brazil. She spent her high school years in Bonn, German’s former capital, where Eliane began…

I Wayan Wibawa (Suta)

Ambassador Apprentice


My name is I Wayan Wibawa. People around me just call me Suta and I am 30 years old. I really like challenges, learning new things, adventures, sustainability, renewable energy, and everything related to nature. I am a young, scientific thinker who is simple, humble, energetic, honest, smiley, and always willing to….

Dr. Nicole Boukhalil


Dr. Boukhalil is a Pharmacist and a Clinical Aromatherapist. She earned her doctorate in Pharmacy from Saint-Joseph University in Beirut (Lebanon) and her Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy diploma from the School of Pharmacy of Aix-Marseille (France). She underwent postgraduate studies in scientific aromatherapy…

Marika Fleri


Marika Fleri has been practicing aromatherapy for the past 20 years in Malta focusing mainly on education, promoting safe use of oils through various media including TV, newspapers, magazines, workshops and social media. She has been working in oncology and palliative care for the past five years. Marika is the…

Rebeca Ledersnaider


Born in Cali Colombia, where she was pursuing a medical career, came to live to Mexico and received the title of Occupational Therapist in 1984 from the Mexican Institute of Rehabilitation, in Mexico City. Rebeca holds two aromatherapy certifications in the USA, one by Aromahead Institute (plus the Advance program)…

Jonathan Benavides

The Netherlands

While working with autism at the University Psychiatric Hospital in Leiden in the Netherlands in 1988, Jonathan started to develop multisensorial interventions in order to break the armour and get into the patient’s world. Since then he has always been interested in research the integration of different disciplines…

Dr. Miguel Antonio Puescas Chully


Miguel Antonio Puescas Chully, born on May 1, 1964, in Bellavista de La Unión, Sechura Province, Piura, Peru, is a distinguished Engineer. He resides in Cerro Blanco, San Juan de la Virgen District, Tumbes Province. Miguel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Forestry Sciences from the National University of the Peruvian Amazon….

Jirbie Go, CA


Jirbie has been an aromatherapist and a student of aromatherapy since 2019. She is the current Country Representative for the Philippines at Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) and the founder of Alliance of the Philippine Aromatherapists (APA), the first professional organization for aromatherapists…

Marju Kivi


My name is Marju Kivi, born in Estonia and living in Portugal since 2000. I work as an aromatic distiller and natural perfumer. Observing Nature, its beauty, variety and functionality, so much to admire! Our family moved to Louriçal do Campo in 2010. This sweet village is situated at the South side of Gardunha Mountain…

Ana Licina


Ana has a degree in cultural studies/anthropology and initially worked at the Scientific Research Centre of Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Because she originates from a medical family, she has always been interested in the human body and especially how to maintain health and wellbeing with the help of Nature…

Airmid Institute Ambassador - Spain

Sílvia Jiménez Català & Kurt Michael Arruda


Silvia and Kurt are a couple and co-founders of Savia Íbera, a small family business dedicated to aromatic and medicinal plants and production of essential oils and hydrolats. Sílvia Jiménez Català was born in Barcelona and comes from a Catalan and Aragonese family (from Northern Spain). She has felt a strong connection…

Olga Kutukova


Olga Kutukova was born and lives in Moscow. She has been a longstanding supporter of the Airmid Institute and is committed to protecting threatened essential and carrier oil-bearing plants. This in part stems from her profound love, since childhood, for plants and natural fragrance. For many years, she spent summers…

Rosie Walker-Chen


Originally from the U.K., Rosie has lived in Taiwan for the past 18 years and is extremely happy to call Taiwan her home. She has been involved in education for over twenty years. From an early age Rosie has had a deep love of plants and nature. Culminating in becoming an Aromatherapist and a member of the IFPA…

Sevil Ağalar Altınel


Sevil Ağalar Altınel graduated from the Pharmaceutical Faculty of İstanbul University in Turkey and has a MS degree in Health Care and Marketing Administration from University of Long Island New York, USA. She started her pharmaceutical career as a product manager at Hoffman La Roche, a Swiss multinational pharmaceutical…

Kateryna Bilous


Kateryna (Kate) Bilous is a practicing aromatherapist from Ukraine. She works in a natural healing and wellness center where most of her clients are pregnant women and families with children. She also provides online consultations. The safe and ethical use of essential oils, vegetable oils and herbs…

Dr Jacqui Stringer PhD, RGN, MIFPA

The United Kingdom

Jacqui is Clinical & Research Lead for the Complementary Health & Wellbeing services at The Christie NHS Trust; an acute cancer hospital in Manchester, UK, where she has been working clinically with essential oils since 1997. Her clinical focus is the management of patients with complex physiological…

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