Airmid Institute Membership

Be part of the threatened plant solution! Join us as an Airmid member to help facilitate projects and partnerships aimed to protect and preserve essential and carrier oil-bearing plants and the Indigenous cultures that rely on them.

All levels of membership receive the following:

  • Biannual update of threatened and near-threatened plant species
  • Green Telegram: Airmid Institute’s newsletter
  • Regular updates and bulletins about Airmid’s activities and initiatives
  • Two free webinars annually

Reduced Income Membership: $10 USD a year

Individual Membership: $25 USD a year

Educational/Non-Profit/Indigenous Membership: $50 USD a year

All of the above, one additional webinar (3 total), and discounts on special events

Business Membership: $250 USD a year

All of the above, plus discounts on special events, a listing on the Airmid Institute website and an annual calendar

501(c)(3) non-profit organization: 84-2585041