These are photos taken while I conducted humanitarian, educational, and conservation work in Peru this year. The trip was a huge success! Shipibo and Quechua communities are now implementing North American aromatic plant medicine in their healing practices, aromatic plant medicine was given to communities who have limited access to plant medicine, and whose plant medicine is at risk, and work has begun in collaboration with Shipibo communities on replanting the endangered rosewood (‘Aniba rosaeodora’) tree.

Kelly and Quechua Vic and Paulina: l to r: Victor (Quechua President), Kelly, and Paulina (Victor’s wife) just completed a successful day of aromatherapy training. 

Shipibo Theresa smelling oil: A Shipibo woman called Theresa, was enjoying the relaxing effect this steam-distilled lemon essential oil (donated by Stillpoint Aromatics) had on her.

The boat journey to find the rosewood, was a beautiful one.

Rosewood trees transplanted: Dozens of baby rosewood trees transplanted on protect land in Peru.

Quechuas Victor and Edwin preparing a blend. © Kelly Ablard, PhD, RA, EOT

Shipibos  Manny and Walter in their aromatherapy training session. © Kelly Ablard, PhD, RA, EOT

Andes: Southern Peru, Andes – location where Kelly conducted aromatherapy training for Quechua communities.

Coloured pic: A picture drawn by Adam Stone’s children, Naya and Webster. When I had to say goodbye, I was told to open this surprise when I got on the plane. This is a picture of Webster, me, and Naya in a heart, under heart clouds and a heart sun, along with an Amazonian fish, some eels, and a pig.

Conservationist in Northern Peru working to help protect the endangered Geoffreys woolly monkey. © Kelly Ablard, PhD, RA, EOT

On a boat to look for rosewood in the jungles of Peru

A Quechua woman called Paulina in Southern Peru. Her father was a very well known and respected shaman.

We found the rosewood: l to r: Adam, Kelly, Joel and Alex in Peru holding pieces of rosewood that were collected (trees were not harmed in this process) as proof that wild rosewood trees were found.

A Shipibo boy getting ready to fall in the water to cool down after a long and hot day

Dr. Juan Ruiz using sustainable-harvesting methods of non-endangered aromatic plants.  © Kelly Ablard, PhD, RA, EOT

Niko smelling the essence of an aromatic tree known for its anti-inflammatory properties. © Kelly Ablard, PhD, RA, EOT

Peru: The iconic logo of Peru taken in Lima, Peru