Climate change, overharvesting, deforestation, invasive species, loss of knowledge, and poverty are just a few of the factors that have impacted the availability of, and accessibility to, native Peruvian aromatic plant medicine. Consequently, communities and healers throughout the Amazon jungles, central regions,and southern mountain regions of Peru expressed to Kelly the desire to learn about and implement North American essential oils in their healing practices. Kelly and *Adam Stone are working together to bring these essential oils and germane educational material to them in 2017. They will also be exploring ways to protect and preserve patches of forest with untouched rosewood trees. This work is also supported by Dr. Charles Mango, Dr. Juan Ruiz, and Dr. Rosario Rojas. High-quality essential oils for distribution to plant medicine healers (e.g. ayahuasqueros and shamans) and first-contact tribes have been donated by Stillpoint Aromatics.

*Adam Stone is Co-Founder and Director at Tierravida Benxote, Pucallpa, Peru

Photo: The Maldonado Family: Pucallpa, Peru. Copyright © 2015 by K.M. Ablard